BAM Ritchies

Abandoned Mine Workings

With increasing redevelopment of ‘Brownfield’ sites treatment of old Mine Workings to stabilise subsurface conditions and enable sites to be reused is becoming a common part of rehabilitation and redevelopment work. BAM Ritchies is building a reputation for working closely with Clients and their consultants to ensure cost effective treatments and fully engineered solutions.

BAM Ritchies has the experience of treating coal, chalk, sulphur and metal mine workings using a variety of techniques. Materials can include pulverised fuel ash (PFA), limestone dust, foamed concrete, cementitious grouts, urethane and other foaming fillers.

Since we are also ground investigation contractors BAM Ritchies can provide clients with full solutions involving the desk study, investigation, assessment, treatment and testing of all elements of a treatment programme. As one of the Coal Authority’s term contractors for both Investigation and Mine Treatment, BAM Ritchies has extensive relevant capability in this field.