BAM Ritchies

Case Studies: Mark Hill Windfarm Ground Investigation

Client: Scottish Power Renewables

Engineer: URS Corporation

Location: South Ayrshire

Date: 2009 - 2010

The area under study is located near the village of Barrhill in South Ayrshire. The site is located in an upland area, the majority of which is currently utilised as commercial forestry.

The purpose of the investigation was to determine the general sequence of strata, soil and rock conditions of the site. It is proposed to construct twenty-eight wind turbines together with borrow pits, a contractors’ compound area, three meteorological masts and a series of access roads.

The investigation consisted of 39 rotary boreholes at turbine locations. 148 trial pits were excavated together with a number of peat probes. Low ground pressure equipment was utilised.