BAM Ritchies

Case Study: Akrotiri Ground Investigation

Location: Akrotiri, Cyprus

Client: Ministry of Defence

Engineer: Halcrow

Date: 2007

The investigation was commissioned in order to ascertain the ground conditions for a new breakwater at Akrotiri in Cyprus.

The scope of works included: -

  • the sinking of exploratory holes to determinate the general sequence and composition of the bunds using drilling rigs mounted on a jack-up barge
  • undisturbed sampling for permeability testing carried out on samples
  • in situ testing within exploratory holes to establish the density and consistency of the strata
  • laboratory testing on samples from exploratory holes to determine the engineering and chemical properties of the strata
  • production of a factual records

During the course of the works, weather conditions deteriorated so much at one time that it was not possible to get safely on board the jack-up In order to refuel the generator providing power to the navigation lights an RAF helicopter was used to take fuel on board