BAM Ritchies

Case Study: Dounreay - Low Active Drain Diversion

Client: UKAEA

Designer: Jacobs

Location: Scotland

Date: 2006

A BAM Nuttall / BAM Ritchies joint venture successfully commissioned a new 158m long diversion to the Low Active Drain [LAD] at Dounreay which formed a vital part of the accommodation works for the Dounreay Shaft Isolation Programme carried out by BAM Ritchies.

A fundamental element of the contract was the decommissioning of 120m of redundant drain. After carrying out a number of trial operations, this section of work was completed under a strict radiological monitoring regime and within a specially constructed radiological containment unit.

To further reduce the risk to operatives, a remote system of working was developed using a diamond wire saw to cut the drain and concrete surround into manageable sections which were then removed, double wrapped in polythene and stored in three quarter-height ISO containers.