BAM Ritchies

Case Study: Port of Workington Jetty Repairs

Client: Port of Workington

Designer: Royal Haskoning

Location: Cumbria

Date: 2009

BAM Ritchies Sprayed Concrete Division undertook the repair and refurbishment of the north jetty, originally constructed in the 1920’s, at the Port of Workington in Cumbria. The works were valued at approximately £1.8m and were completed in 7 months.

The main works comprised:

  • the hydro-demolition of the degraded under deck structure
  • installation of new reinforcement
  • application of sprayed concrete.

Wave panels along the length of the jetty were treated and the concrete jetty deck was repaired. Sacrificial cathodic protection was used throughout the structure. Sections of the beach retaining wall under the jetty were repaired and replaced. Finally, dockside furniture including lighting columns, access ladders and mooring bollards were refurbished.

A designed scaffold underneath the jetty was used to access the under deck works and temporary propping works were designed to support the weight of the jetty deck slab during the repair process.

Relations with other parties were continually managed as all of the works were carried out while the jetty remained open as normal to shipping and RNLI operations.