BAM Ritchies

Case Study: Scarborough Coastal Protection Scheme

Client: Scarborough Borough Council

Engineer: High-Point Rendel

Main Contractor: BAM Nuttall Ltd

Location: Scarborough, N Yorkshire

Date: 2002 - 2004

The Scarborough Coastal Protection Scheme, was undertaken by BAM Ritchies’ parent company BAM Nuttall Ltd. The works carried out by BAM Ritchies included approximately 620 piles to secure the toe of the new rock fill and Acropode revetment placed in front of the old Victorian seawall.

The toe piles consisted of drilled sockets 864mm diameter formed in the (bedrock) seabed to depths between 2.5m and 5m. Concrete encased, universal column toe piles were placed and grouted into the sockets. Ground conditions were typically moderately strong siltstones but varied from stiff clays to strong sandstones.

Prior to award of the contract, BAM Ritchies investigated a number of drilling systems suitable to the anticipated rock types. Owing to the varying beach levels, part of the work was carried out using a modified Casagrande B125 crawler-mounted rig, and part, in areas covered by water for most tides, was carried out using a jack-up mounted rig specially developed and built in house by the BAM Ritchies plant department.