BAM Ritchies

Case Study: Sellafield Contaminated Land Study

Client: BNFL

Main Contractor: AMEC

Location: Cumbria

Date: 2002 - 2003

BAM Ritchies, the specialist geotechnical division of BAM Nuttall Ltd, undertook ground investigation and well installation work in Sellafield. This work was carried out continuously throughout 2002 and 2003 and during the course of several return visits to site during 2004 and 2005.

The main activities included:

  • Cable percussive boring
  • In situ testing
  • Sampling
  • Rotary open hole drilling
  • Well installations – both single and double
  • Development of the wells by airlifting methods
  • Installation of permanent borehole pumps

Boreholes were formed to a maximum depth to of 70m below ground level.

To meet the specific site standards, modifications were made to the boring and drilling rigs.

Work within the site required procedures and methods tailored to the specific requirements of the main contractor and client.