BAM Ritchies

Case Study: Slochd Steep Slope Railway Ground Investigation

Location: Slochd, Scotland

Client: Network Rail

Engineer: URS

Date: 2007

Ritchies undertook a railway steep slope investigation at Slochd where Ritchies’ Sherpa rig safely climbed up a slope of between 40 and 45 degrees.

This was the steepest slope to date that the Sherpa rig has been used on and the rig preformed well in circumstances that would have been very difficult and expensive to deal with by other methods.

Gabion baskets at the crest of the slope had shifted downslope by up to 8inches. This investigation was undertaken in order to identify the plane of failure in the embankment.

The rig was able to climb up the slope using one duck-bill anchor placed just below the gabion baskets.

Extensive clearance work was required to create an access route for all boring equipment.

The site works comprised the following:-

  • 1 windowless sampling hole
  • 1 inclinometer
  • 2 standpipe installations
  • 6 sonic drilled boreholes
  • Laboratory testing