BAM Ritchies

Collaboration, Partnerships and One Team Approach

BAM Ritchies is committed to collaborative working practices, with our customers, joint venture partners, each other and within our supply chain. We view working collaboratively at an individual level as essential to our working culture. It is one of our key behaviours forming part of the recruitment and performance review processes. This culture is cascaded through the BAM organisation and carried into our supply chain processes.

We have an established history of working in successful collaboration. In recent years we have formed internal joint ventures including Dolphingstone, Glendoe Hydro-electric Power Station Recovery, and Hooley Cutting Stabilisation. BAM Ritchies is an integrated part of the Kier BAM Nuclear New Build JV. Crossrail Compensation Grouting has been successfully undertaken in JV with Keller. BAM Ritchies works closely with a number of consulting engineers to deliver advanced design and construct solutions and complex ground investigations.

These collaborations are with both Joint Venture Partners and in co-located offices with customers; our approach has impressed such clients with our ‘openness of approach and non-confrontational commercial attitude along with willingness by all to review, understand and share risk’

We wholeheartedly support the introduction of BS 11000: Collaborative Business Relationships and the framework it provides for successful collaborative working in the industry. We believe that its use will help the industry provide effective, optimised and enhanced benefits to the stakeholders.