BAM Ritchies

Design and Construct

One of the important services that BAM Ritchies is able to offer clients is that of Design and Construct.

Many of the specialist solutions that BAM Ritchies is able to offer client include early discussions with clients and their consultants to explore, develop and execute works that provide great value for money and optimum contract duration. In addition we are mindful of the need to ensure solutions that have low full life costings.

By engagement early on and working closely with design partners BAM Ritchies experience and capability frequently assists clients in meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Evidence of this is the excellent track record that we have in winning industry awards - please see our awards web page.

Examples of design elements that BAM Ritchies can provide include:-

  • Temporary works for BAM Ritchies innovative methods of work
  • Temporary works for the client or main contractor
  • Permanent works design as part of a Design and Construct contract
  • Design for a contractor’s alternative to the Engineer’s design