BAM Ritchies

Ground Anchors

Retaining wall support, foundation strengthening and pipeline/tank uplift are just some examples of where our expertise in all aspects of ground anchor design and construction brings benefit to our Clients. We engineer solutions to provide resistance against wind loading, cantilevered supports, tensioned components to piled structures and a wealth of other applications.

In 2008 BAM Ritchies won a Ground Engineering Award for its ground anchor contract at Clunie Dam in Scotland.

Solutions provided in recent years include high capacity anchors to resist seismic loadings in nuclear submarine dry docks, anti-flotation anchors for water treatment plant tanks, dock wall retaining anchors, highway wall retaining anchors, river wall retaining anchors, dam safety anchors, telecom mast anchors and rock cutting anchors.

The BAM Ritchies workforce is trained and experienced in the proper handling of anchors, their grouting, testing and stressing.

The company is also able to inspect and existing installed anchors and repair and replace if required.