BAM Ritchies

HR Department

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

At BAM Ritchies we believe that a company with diverse teams at all levels and disciplines is made stronger by the different perspectives that such diversity brings. We fully support fair treatment and respect which is encompassed in our vision and values. ED&I policy

We value diversity and celebrate individual differences, believing that our inclusive culture helps the business continue to grow as a strong, dynamic and innovative organisation. We are committed to equality of opportunity in all its employment and service delivery practices, policies and procedures. Within the framework of the law, we are committed wherever possible to employing and maintaining a workforce, whether direct employees or not, which broadly reflects the diversity of the areas that we work. For our workforce this is simply about fair treatment - treating others as you would like to be treated, whilst creating the opportunity for us all to progress and be happy at work.

To achieve this, BAM Nuttall will promote equality of opportunity for all people – no employee, potential employee or worker will receive less favourable treatment due to their race, creed, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion or similar belief, political or other opinion affiliation, connections with a national minority, property, birth or other status, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, family connections, membership or non-membership of a trade union or disability.

We will continue to regularly monitor and revise our performance management and recruitment processes to support the progression of under-represented groups to leadership positions and ensure alignment with our diversity vision.

We want to attract, develop and retain great talent to secure our future success.

Our three key diversity agenda target areas are:

  • Retention
  • Attraction
  • Working with our supply chain


Retaining and attracting more women is a key step in our diversity journey……

We are committed to creating the best environment in which the women of BAM Nuttall can support our vision of Bringing Engineering to Life.

The Women@BAM group has been established to attract talented women into our company and support them to develop their careers. The group have 6 strategic objectives:

1.Improve retention of women across the business, by understanding why women leave and to develop pathways targeted to retain women.

2.Promote the visibility of women within our industry through schools, colleges, universities and industry working groups.

3.Provide support networks for women such as coaching, mentoring and role models to develop their personal and professional growth.

4.Encourage women to achieve their full potential through improves clarity of career pathways and agreeing clear goals through the performance and development reviews.

5.Encourage inclusive behaviours and language and develop the BAM Nuttall culture to fully integrate women at all levels and disciplines.

6.Improve communication of targeted information and provide a forum to network and share experiences to build long-term relationships.

For each of the 6 strategic objectives we have established working groups to develop each. Headed up by our strategy group members, which includes our Chief Executive an action plan has been devised and this is managed and coordinated by 6 working groups, made up of people across all disciplines and across the business.

To raise the profile of this agenda, there has been a series of engagement activities across the business including young people forums, regional network forums and sharing of good practice and creating engagement through social networking sites – Yammer, twitter and Facebook.

As part of our commitment to this agenda we recently became a corporate member of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) which aims to inspire women to achieve their potential as engineers, scientists and technical leaders. We are now working alongside WES to gain insight on how to address these challenges and support to develop our own programme.


“Modern society depends upon the contribution that engineers from all disciplines make, and for far too long not enough has been made of this. At BAM Nuttall with Women@BAM, we have been working on promoting careers for women. This is not just about encouraging more women to enter our industry but it is also about retaining women, and empowering them to progress into a senior position within the company. Let’s continue to challenge perception and prove our industry is one full of opportunity, excitement and satisfaction for anyone.” Stephen Fox Chief Executive

“This is a great time to be part of civil engineering. We want girls still at school, young women thinking about their career options and those thinking about a career change to know they can make it into a senior role within the industry. Importantly we want the women in our business to know if it is a senior role they want then the opportunities are there.” Wendy Hughes, Head of Learning & Development and member of the Women@BAM strategy group.

“We want to be able to pinpoint exactly why so few of our female staff push their careers into senior positions. We want to be able to offer assistance where needed, provide mentoring opportunities and help bring about change in BAM Nuttall” Emily Short, Agent and member of the Women@BAM strategy group.

Performance & Development

As part of our vision theme, ‘Great People,’ the development of our people is imperative. We have a robust process and online Performance & Development Review system to ensure our employees performance and development is discussed, with a great emphasis on progression opportunities and career aspirations.

In conjunction with this we have a comprehensive competency framework, which encompasses all our technical and support roles within the business. Our competency framework ensures our people meet the required competences for their role, identifies development opportunities within role as well as providing progression and career opportunities for the future. We pride ourselves on the investment and commitment we put into our people development processes to ensure that it’s personal and relevant to everyone, whilst creating a sustainable workforce for the future.