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BAM Ritchies

Lean Construction

Lean involves the systematic removal of waste from business processes, with a focus on identifying value adding and non-value adding process steps. This process should not be seen as a tool for headcount reduction or mindless cost cutting as this fundamentally misses the purpose which is to create value through elimination of waste.

By adopting these fundamentals, our vision of BAM Ritchies in the future is a business that remains sustainable. By eliminating waste we will save time, reduce costs, avoid re-work, avoid unplanned activities, improve safety, and improve profit margins, as well as improve customer perception and value. Merely providing a compliant product for our customers and end users is not our aim or vision.

Our vision is defined by the following eight core principles;

  • Great people
  • Sustainable
  • Organisational excellence
  • Changing lives
  • One team
  • Corporate success
  • Beyond Zero
  • Responsive

Lean provides a differentiator by means of added value, through innovation, value engineering and cost efficiency. The BAM Ritchies Lean Leadership Team working interpretation for Lean is as follows;

‘Look at how we do things and then, do them better’

This concept directly aligns with Beyond Zero thinking and provides an all-encompassing interpretation of Lean without the use of confusing text book jargon.

At BAM Ritchies this idea is embraced at all levels within the business, from the executive and operational Boards to our teams on site. The benefits are two-fold, in that our business will continue to be sustainable generating long-term profitability and will be able to demonstrate to our customers our Lean credentials and the added value that these can bring.