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Noise, Dust and Health Monitoring

In March 2014 statistical information was available demonstrating the greater significance of Occupational Health related deaths compared with fatal injuries.

Construction is recorded as employing about 2.3 million workers – approximately 5% of the total UK workforce but the industry accounts for 27% of fatal injuries and 10% of reported major injuries. There were 39 fatal injuries for the most recent reporting year compared with 31,000 new cases of occupational ill health: of these 3,494 result in deaths from occupational cancers with a further 5,500 cancer registrations per year. It is estimated there will be 500 deaths as a result of exposure to silica. All of this contextualised against 1754 reported road deaths for 2012.

It was also reported that 54% of males do not reach a working age of 60 still working in construction and 56% of all male cancers are caused by working in construction. Significant health issues include vibration white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, occupational deafness, dermatitis and work related musculoskeletal disorders. All of this results in significant costs to industry, which is estimated at £7.9 billion to individuals, £2.8 billion to employers and £3.0 billion to government.

BAM Ritchies was one of the first geotechnical contractors to carry out extensive Hygiene Monitoring of its workplaces. The organisation is able to offer this service to the rest of the BAM Group in the UK and other contractors.

Our industrial hygienist is carrying out monitoring across the UK covering a variety of site situations, including:-

  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Fumes

At planning stages it is discussed on site what hazards may be present; upon arrival a detailed walk through survey with photographs is taken to determine the hazards followed by discussions with all operatives deemed at risk, monitoring is then carried out, followed by a full report.

For additional information on how BAM Ritchies may be able to assist, please contact:

Mark Sherwood - Senior Laboratory Technician, BAM Ritchies, Glasgow Road, Kilsyth, Glasgow G65 9BL

Tel: +44 (0) 1236 467000

Mob: +44 (0) 7881514929


BAM Ritchies was one of the first geotechnical contractors to carry out extensive health surveillance of its workforce. The organisation is able to offer these services to the rest of the BAM Group in the UK and other contractors.

Health surveillance is a system of ongoing health checks. These health checks are required by law for employees who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air.

Health surveillance is important for:

  • Detecting ill-health effects at an early stage enables better controls to prevent them getting worse,
  • Providing data to help better evaluate health risks,
  • Enables concerns to be raised about how work affects their health
  • Highlights lapses in workplace control measures, providing invaluable feedback to the risk assessment, and
  • Provides an opportunity to reinforce training and education of employees on the impact of health effects and the use of protective equipment.

A risk assessment should be used to identify any need for health surveillance however health surveillance is not a substitute for undertaking a risk assessment or using effective controls.

Health surveillance can sometimes be used to help identify where more needs to be done to control risks and where early signs of work-related ill health are detected.

For more information on how BAM Ritchies may assist with Health Surveillance please contact:-

Jon Christie BSc (Hons) - Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator. BAM Ritchies, Division of BAM Nuttall Ltd, Glasgow Road, Kilsyth, Glasgow, G65 9BL.

Tel: 0123 6828 204

Mob: 07827255107