BAM Ritchies

Our Vision

Vision statement

Our purpose describes the reason that we do what we do and what we wish to make happen: ‘To create a sustainable future by bringing engineering to life.’

Our future helps to align us all in one direction and guides our decision-making. It sets the boundaries of our activities but encourages us to be creative:

Changing lives: Our professional ground engineering and drilling& blasting community has been transforming the landscape and improving people’s lives since 1963. We are proud of what we can create – engineering wonders that build a better world.

Responsive: Society and civil engineering are interdependent on each other to develop. Not only do we respond to the demands of our customers, we also actively influence what’s required. Both mould the shape of our business.

One team: Our people are inspired to do more and so are all who come into contact with us. They recognise the company’s purpose and values in themselves and effortlessly align to create a single team. That makes us a leader across the industry for effective collaboration.

Organisational excellence: Freedom of thought makes our solutions more flexible and does not compromise the compliance critical to consistent success. Our processes underpin our actions. They evolve as we apply our learning and encourage invention that stretches the boundaries. Excellence is achieved through a successful balance between the demands of finance, engineering and people.

Great people: Our environment means everyone can offer a unique contribution. They can progress, realise their potential and excel. Great leadership is visible at all levels and inspires individuals to take responsibility. People are happy to be held to account. We celebrate the health and wellbeing of our people, and in turn they assure the success of our business.

Sustainable: As a leader in sustainability, the needs of society today drive our thinking, but we also consider the best solutions for future generations. By operating as one team, we can nurture and enhance local communities both internally and externally, whilst also making a global impact.

Corporate success: As an influential member of the international Royal BAM Group, we can maximise the potential from this shared relationship in our everyday business. By applying our skills and expertise in new ways, we will grow. Our business is more than just profitable. Our business is healthy.

Beyond Zero: Beyond Zero thinking makes us stronger and gives us an unshakable foundation for our journey to a successful and responsible future.

Our values are the guiding principles by which we conduct ourselves and our business:

  • Respectful – We care for others as individuals
  • Inventive – We never stop wanting to make things better.
  • Trustworthy – We mean what we say and we do what we say
  • Inclusive – We actively seek and value the input of everyone
  • Responsible – We take responsibility for the long term impact of our actions

Together, our purpose, future and values form a reference point for everything we do.