BAM Ritchies

Slope Stabilisation

BAM Ritchies believes in offering its customers an integrated service to suit their requirements and provides solutions on challenging projects by working closely and developing relationships with Customers, Partners, Consultants and Designers.

The integrated approach ensures that solutions are developed to provide the customer with the best possible value. The wide-ranging and often innovative services and techniques that BAM Ritchies offers provide the means to delivering customer satisfaction.

Slope Stabilisation

BAM Ritchies has a proven track record in delivering solutions for unstable slopes and in constructing new slopes designed to provide long term stability. We have the skills and experience to provide design and construction services for soil slopes, rock slopes and embankments.

BAM Ritchies won Ground Engineering Awards in both 2008 and 2009 for A40/M50 Rock Slope Stabilisations and Copyhold Cutting respectively. Hooley Cutting won a 2014 Ground Engineering Award and a 2014 Construction News Award.

At Flax Bourton the ‘Design and Construct’ solution developed by BAM Ritchies resulted in significant cost and programme saving along with reductions in railway possession time.

In recent years long reach plant, umbilical and radio remote control techniques, high strength active facing meshes, ‘cutting edge’ rock fall barriers and high levels of employee training has enabled BAM Ritchies to be an acknowledged leader in these fields.

By the use of advanced methods, modern plant and equipment, innovative materials and close co-operation between client, designers and suppliers BAM Ritchies can ensure that the appropriate slope stabilisation solution offers the best value for money and is fit for purpose.